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You can buy your items online and pick them up at our store or ship them directly to your home. Delivery is free on some orders. We use the best carriers in the industry to make sure your order arrives on time. On the Secure Payment page, you will see the description of your item, the price and the delivery time. If available, you can also choose a faster delivery method for each item of your order, for an additional fee. Delivery times vary depending on the shipping address you have chosen, the availability of your items and the time you place your order.

Free Delivery

Free shipping is only applied to orders of $200 before taxes or more and weighting 45 lbs or less.
Please note that all shipping quotes, including all featured promotions, exclude the Northwest Territories, Yukon Territories, Newfoundland, Nunavut, Labrador and non-metropolitan areas as designated by Canada Post and Fedex. All orders placed from the listed locations in Canada will be reviewed by our shipping department.

Luthier Services

General hourly rate N/A 50.00$
Accordion repair hourly rate N/A 75.00$
Electronic repair N/A 60.00$
Classical guitar 24h 50.00$
Electric bass & guitar 24h 60.00$
Electric bass & guitar with tremolo 24h 70.00$
Acoustic bass & guitar 24h 50.00$
12-strings acoustic guitar 24h 70.00$
Acoustic (Matrix) 24h 50.00$
Acoustic (K&K) 24h 60.00$
Electric (1 pickup) 24h 40.00$
Electric (2 pickup) 24h 60.00$
Electric, acoustic & classical guitar 24h 15.00$
12-strings gutiar 24h 25.00$
Floyd rose 24h 20.00$
Single rope 24h 3.00$
Partial refret (without slot) 24h 12.00$ / fret
Partial refret (with slot) 24h 17.00$ / fret
Complete refret (without slot) 24h 230.00$
Complete refret (with slot) 24h 280.00$
Leveling 24h 75.00$
File frets ending (1 side) 24h 20.00$ / fret
File frets ending (2 sides) 24h 30.00$
Bridge gluing 24h Minimum 75.00$
Head gluing 24h Minimum 60.00$
Crack, bracing, back & top gluing 24h Minimum 25.00$
Nut shaping (Head) 24h 70.00$
Saddle shaping (Bridge) 24h 40.00$
Nut shaping (with compensation) 24h 80.00$
Pickguard change 24h 30.00$
Jack change 24h 12.00$
Potentiometer change 24h 12.00$ / each
Key installation (with modification) 24h 30.00$
Strap pin installation (1) 24h 5.00$
Strap pin installation (2) 24h 7.50$
Tremolo blocking (1 side) 24h 25.00$
Tremolo blocking (2 sides) 24h 35.00$

* Prices do not apply on all guitar models.
* For any repair request within 48 hours the express rate will be automatically applied.
* Pricing does not include applicable taxes.