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Band Mallets

A brass band is composed of several percussion, here is our selection of fanfare mallets. Everyone will find what he needs in this page.

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    • - Replacement Mallets
    • - Perfect for beginners
    • - Very durable
    • - Nice quality for price
    • Available on order from our supplier delay may apply because of COVID-19 for more info please contact us: 1-866-350-9218
    CB Drums CBE-18 Mallets
  1. ProMark Scott Johnson "ScoJo" TXXB3 X-beat Practice Stick TXXB3
  2. ProMark Matt Savage TXXB2 X-beat Practice Stick TXXB2
  3. ProMark Matt Savage TXXB1 X-beat Practice Stick TXXB1
  4. ProMark Hickory DC8 Jeff Ausdemore Wood Tip drumstick TXDC8W
  5. ProMark Hickory DC51 Wood Tip drumstick TXDC51W
  6. ProMark Hickory DC50 Wood Tip drumstick TXDC50W
  7. ProMark Hickory DC1 Jeff Moore Wood Tip drumstick TXDC1W
  8. ProMark Hickory DC18i Jeff Ausdemore Wood Tip drumstick TXDC18IW
  9. ProMark Hickory DC17 Scott Johnson Wood Tip drumstick TXDC17W
  10. ProMark Hickory Sean Vega TS8 "System Blue" Tenor Mallet TS8
  11. ProMark Mike Stevens TS7S Tenor Stick TS7S
  12. ProMark Mike Stevens TS7 Tenor Stick TS7
  13. ProMark Hickory TS5 Tenor Stick Wood tip TS5
  14. ProMark Hickory TS3 Nylon head Tenor Stick TS3
  15. ProMark Hickory TS2 Nylon cookie Tenor Stick TS2
  16. ProMark Hickory TS1 Tenor Stick Wood tip TS1
  17. ProMark Performer Series PSBDR Roller Bass Drum Mallet PSBDR
  18. ProMark Performer Series PSBD3 Extra Soft Bass Drum Mallet PSBD5
  19. ProMark Performer Series PSBD3 Bass Drum Mallet PSBD3
  20. ProMark M332T Rubber Tom Mallet M332T
  21. ProMark M331T Acrylic Tom Mallet M331T
  22. ProMark M33OT Felt Tom Mallet M330T
  23. ProMark M322L Large Felt Bass Drum Mallet M322L

Items 1-24 of 35

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