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Sabian Cymbals

The complete collection of Sabian cymbals, all models for all styles.

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    Sabian 13" SR2 MEDIUM
  2. In Stock
    Sabian 18" SR2 CHINESE
  3. In Stock
    Sabian SABIAN Drum Key
  4. In Stock
    Sabian 15" SR2 CHINESE
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    Sabian 14" SR2 CHINESE
    • - Designed for playing environments where traditional cymbals have too much attack
    • - Extra-thin crash delivers quick, shimmering response and exceptionally soft feel
    • - FRX give real drummers in real life situations the freedom to play any gig without holding back
    • - The ideal solution for any gig where cymbal volume is a challenge
    In Stock
    Sabian 18” CRASH FRX
    • - QTPC503 includes 14” Hi-Hats, 16” Crash and 20” Ride for a practice set-up with a big Ride cymbal
    • - True-to-life response and sustain so you don’t have to change the way you play
    • - Clearly defined and natural bell tone never sounds muffled or dead
    • - Manufactured from tough alloy that won’t dent or break
    In Stock
    • - SABIAN best-selling Core model is a Killer Crash!
    • - HHX Tone Projection stirs up simmering heat, musical dirt
    • - Delivers simmering Modern Dark tone at all volumes
    • - Protected by SABIAN Two-Year Warranty
    In Stock
    Sabian SABIAN 17" HHX Evolution Crash Brilliant Finish

Items 1-24 of 1145

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